Tuesday, June 11
1:00—5:30pm EDT
The Celeste Bartos Theater at the MoMA
4 W 54th Street, NY, NY 10019


VISIONS Summit: NYC is a half-day forum with culture innovators across disciplines, focused on the shifting dynamics of commerce x culture for the modern age.

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VISIONS Summit: NYC is a forum for up-to-the-minute discourse around the impact of commerce on American culture. This half-day event, hosted by the Future Commerce editorial team, features a mix of keynote presentations, fireside chats, and moderated panel discussions with culture innovators across disciplines: media, creative arts, brand building, and technology.

Our NYC audience will hear from established and next-gen voices in equal measure, as we explore “Monoculture in the Modern Age” and the shifting dynamics defining this  moment. Curated for the curious, VISIONS Summit: NYC is guaranteed to change the way you think about how we consume.

Keynote Presenter

Kyle Chayka
Author and Staff Writer for the New Yorker

Hear from culture writer, Kyle Chayka as he joins us on stage to share insights from his latest book, Filterworld: How Algorithms Flattened Culture, with Q&A to follow. A staff writer for the New Yorker, Kyle writes a column called Infinite Scroll, covering digital technology and culture.

Matt Klein
Cultural Theorist and writer of ZINE

Matt Klein is a cultural theorist and strategist, making sense of emerging social shifts. As a digital anthropologist, he is an advisor to the United Nations, brands, VC investors, philanthropies, TV producers, and startups.

Featured Panelists

Hitha Herzog
Reporter | Retail Analyst

Industry expert Hitha Herzog is the author of Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Terrorists, a professor at Parsons New School, and has TV credits on NBC, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC.

Kate Lindsay
Culture Writer | Author of Embedded

Culture writer Kate Lindsay’s work has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, GQ, Bustle and more. She writes the popular internet culture newsletter, Embedded.

Reggie James
Technologist | Co-founder & CEO of Eternal

As co-founder and CEO of Eternal, an AI Gaming platform, Reggie James works on narrative forever-games. A prolific creator, he considers himself a writer, product architect, and DJ.

Ruby Thelot
Artist | Designer | Professor at NYU

A true multi-hyphenate, Ruby Thelot is the founder of the award-winning creative research and design studio 13101401 inc. and adjunct professor of Design & Media Theory at New York University.

Guest Moderators

Alicia Esposito
VP of Content at RetailTouchpoints

As a content strategist with 10+ years of experience covering the retail industry and a self-described pop culture nerd, Alicia Esposito hosts RetailTouchpoint’s Retail Remix podcast.

Paul Canetti
Co-founder & CEO of Skej | Professor at Columbia Business School

Professor of all-things-tech at Columbia Business School, Paul Canetti is also founder and CEO of Skej, an AI scheduling assistant poised to change the way we manage meetings.

Your Hosts

Phillip Jackson
Co-Founder, Future Commerce

Phillip is a writer, speaker, and marketer with an engaged global audience of over 100,000 executives across seven retail and digital commerce-focused content properties, including digital, print, audio, video, and immersive events.

Brian Lange
Co-Founder, Future Commerce

With over 15 years of experience in the digital space, Brian is a sought-after speaker and thought leader, sharing his insights on the evolving landscape of direct-to-consumer brands, retail media, and the future of commerce.

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