Visions Summit Austin: The Multiplayer Brand

March 13
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Imagine a world where brands transcend the vision of their creators, becoming a collective masterpiece shaped by every interaction. This is not the future; this is now.


VISIONS SUMMIT: AUSTIN invites you to dive deep into The Multiplayer Brand, where digital commerce evolves at the speed of culture, and every consumer holds the power to shape the story, and the aesthetics, of a brand.

Join us for an exclusive evening during SXSW, featuring a stellar lineup of experts in consumer psychology, trend analysis, brand and digital marketing. Together, we'll explore the seismic shifts in how brands are built and experienced in a digital-first world. From the evolving role of the CMO to the fusion of media and commerce, each panel offers invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities of a multiplayer future.


Brian Lange

Future Commerce

Phillip Jackson

Future Commerce


Alexa Lombardo
Brand Strategist

Alexa Lombardo is a brand strategist, fractional CMO (currently @ FACEGYM) and founder of Atomic Number 8, a creative studio for consumer brands focusing on emerging trends. She has worked with a wide range of high-growth, high-loyalty brands across beauty, wellness, fintech, and CPG, including MAC, Tom Ford, Plaid, and Unilever.

Matt Klein
Cultural Theorist and writer of ZINE

Matt Klein is a cultural theorist and strategist, making sense of emerging social shifts. As a digital anthropologist, he is an advisor to the United Nations, brands, VC investors, philanthropies, TV producers, and startups. Klein researches and explains cultural trends to author future-proofing strategies.

Rishabh Jain
Co-founder and CEO of FERMÁT

Rishabh Jain is the CEO and Co-Founder of FERMÀT, the customer journey optimization platform loved by rapidly growing DTC brands like ARMRA, MindBodyGreen, and True Classic. Prior to building FERMÀT, Rishabh held the role of VP of Innovation and New Business Initiatives.

Rabah Rahil

Rabah Rahil is the CMO of FERMÀT, the customer journey optimization platform turning clicks into conversions for DTC’s fastest-growing brands such as True Classic Tees and MindBodyGreen. His knack for turning inventive concepts into tangible results has earned him recognition as a top forward-thinking leader in the ecommerce industry.

Lisa & Paul Jauregui
Co-founders, BK Beauty

Lisa and her husband Paul founded BK Beauty, a digitally-native cosmetics brand, in 2019 after Lisa spent years growing her beauty-focused YouTube channel. As a former MAC Cosmetics trainer and pro makeup artist, Lisa has created hundreds of videos viewed by millions of people around the world.In 2023, BK Beauty was ranked #501 on Inc. 5000’s list of fastest-growing privately held businesses in the United States, generating 8-figures in annual revenue.

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